VBC casa tableware

VBC casa represents the absolute charm of tradition, beauty and classic style of Italian ceramics interpreted with contemporary feeling. It is produced and assembled individulay by hand. These table and decorative items take shape from a "raw" and almoust rough material, softened by an exclusive majolica finish.

All VBC casa articles can be placed in the dishwasher, microwave and oven.

Elios tableware

Elios handmade tableware is no ordinary kind of ceramics. Every single piece is studied, shaped, produced and finished by expert hands. Elios ceramics pieces are not just beautiful to look at, they must also provide certain guarantees.

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Order on line (04-04-2014)

New renewed web site prepared just for you. The purpose is to see the products and have easier way to make the order. 

This web site is done for end and bussiness customers. End customes please browse through the products and select what you like and make the order.

Bussiness customers please login to receive full details of the products. Please follow this link to receive the code.  

New renewed web site (04-04-2014)

I am very proud to present new renewed web site. From now one, you can purchase on line and get the offer immidiately.
Web site is made for end customers and also  for trade shops.

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